A program dedicated to all refugee women and children who fled their countries around the world due to wars, abuse or violence supporting them to start over with physical, emotional and financial freedom.

We are all children of Mother Earth. We all have the inalienable right to a home. To safety and freedom.

Considering the war in Ukraine, the steps below are dedicated to Ukranian Women, but if you are a women refugee from any place in the world please email us at info@freefreeworld.org if you also want and need our support.


  1. Launch of a survey to collect data from as many women refugees that are leaving Ukraine in order to truly understand what they really NEED. Donations and any other help is of extreme importance, but with data, we can be even more efficient and direct our efforts to what women need the most.

    The survey will be opened from the 8th of March – the 21st of March. Please find the link to the survey here:

    1. English: https://forms.gle/5fc2sUsQHNa1b2fw9

    2. Ukranian: https://forms.gle/sMtSWx8Jm5YqBwh77

  2. Free Free is also putting together a network of institutions in Europe to join forces by supporting them with our research, manuals and solutions through our educational and healing programs created in collaboration with our advisory board members, ambassadors, and makers around the world.

  3. Free Free will work on supporting refugees to start over by providing solutions to their journey towards physical, emotional and financial freedom.

There is only peace, stability and prosperity in the world when all women are free. Free Free embraces all women and/or their children to the Daughters of Mother Earth program. If you are a refugee fleeing from any other places of the world, please contact us at info@freefreeworld.org