Our Team

Yasmine is a speaker, writer, spiritualist, and educator with a graduate in Social Justice from Harvard and a Masters in Fashion from the renowned Marangoni Institute in Italy. After an illustrious 11-year tenure as an editor and creative director at Vogue, collaborating with influential figures including Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele, Yasmine founded the award-winning organization Free Free. Inspired by her mother’s spirit and the birth of her daughter, Free Free tirelessly works towards the emotional, physical, and financial freedom of girls and women, fostering a more just and prosperous world for all humanity and the planet at large. Yasmine’s paradigm-shifting methodologies, utilizing fashion and art as cathartic tools, have earned her prestigious awards from the UN & Berkeley, Glamour, and Forbes. Today, Free Free has collaborations with institutions such as Harvard University, Tasis School, and the Department of Justice in Brazil. Yasmine has spoken at the Brazilian Congress, conducted transformative workshops for over 20,000 survivors worldwide, while consulting and speaking to leaderships at some of the world’s most esteemed companies, including Unilever, PepsiCo, and Google.

Yasmine McDougall Sterea

“I’m a feminicide survivor. I had my ears and nose bitten. I lost everything. Free Free gave me a reason to live again and I recovered my self-esteem. Fashion is not just fashion. Fashion is freedom. It can transform your life. I learned to love myself again. And the world will have to love me as I am. ”

“ It’s about the autonomy and the strength of all women, it’s a revolution from inside fashion.”

The work that Yasmine has been doing through Free Free is already remarkable. Keep an eye out for the future, because she is a force of nature!

“Initiatives that are so beautiful that warms your heart and soul. A big hurrah to the strong women that is the CEO of Free Free who has the mission of helping women to start over.”


“Since the first time I heard about Free Free, I wrote a song that hopefully will come out someday. It’s about the power this organization has. The power that women have when they come together. It’s historical.”