Our charitable entity that brings the Free Free solutions to vulnerable communities around the world

Our mission is to create a safer, more prosperous, and joyful world For all by teaching a new perspective of balance among
all humanity.

How do we make this happen?

We adapt the Free Free Methodology® into different ways to create impact through

Cathartic workshops to help people of all genders address their emotional wounds.

Programs to support financial freedom, emotional balance, combatting the normalization of violence, and promoting the WPS framework (Woman, Peace, Security, and health).

Solutions to support communities in becoming financially, emotionally, and physically free.

Collaboration with authorities and leaders for the safety, education, and rights of women of all ages, nationalities, sexual identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and abilities.


Free Free Fashion: This workshop uses fashion as a tool to help women and girls feel seen and recognize their worth, even after extreme trauma. It aims to help uncover the true self, creating a safer environment for recovery.

The Myth of Perfection: This workshop delves into the societal roles and expectations imposed on individuals. It explores how these roles reflect societal, cultural, religious, and environmental norms and how they affect our relationship with the environment and each other. The talk aims to debunk the myth of perfection that confines us and teaches how to embrace true freedom.

“Today’s workshop was very important for us, men, to better understand how women feel and to realize that we have prejudices that we didn’t even know we had. We left this workshop renewed and with a new vision, understanding that we can improve as human beings and that we must fight for women’s rights and also strive to achieve our dreams.”

Workshop participant at CIEE

Woman, Peace, and Security: This policy framework recognizes that women must be critical actors in all efforts to achieve sustainable international peace and security. WPS promotes a gendered perspective and women’s equal and meaningful participation in peace processes, peacebuilding and security.

Educational Programs

Our educational cycle follows an exclusive methodology created with experts worldwide. It consists of three certified stages to support participants on their journey to achieve physical, emotional, and financial freedom.


Participants learn to regain their self-worth and self-esteem to move forward towards personal and family prosperity.


Participants learn practical ways to care for their physical safety and health.


Participants learn financial autonomy through entrepreneurship skills, marketing, content creation, and financial education.

Community Solutions

Free Your Clothes: An upcycling initiative using art. We have upcycled 15,000 pieces of clothing with the support of artisan communities and creative women, promoting their financial autonomy and addressing the issue of fashion waste.

Free My Period:

In collaboration with the Harvard Free Free Club, we developed accessible menstrual underwear for vulnerable communities to prevent people  from skipping school and abandoning their dreams.

Free Free Fashion Library: Based on our Free Free Fashion Methodology, the Free Free Club at Harvard created a modular library where high fashion is available for women in extreme trauma. This initiative uses psychodrama techniques to help women address their emotional wounds and reclaim their self-worth. Our first library is located at the Cambridge Women’s Center.

“I’m a femicide survivor. I had my ears and nose bitten off. I lost everything. Free Free gave me a reason to live again, and I recovered my self-esteem. Fashion is not just fashion. Fashion is freedom. It can transform your life. I learned to love myself again. And the world will have to accept me as I am.”

Talita, femicide survivor


We collaborate with authorities and leaders for the safety, education, and rights of women of all ages, nationalities, sexual identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and abilities.

“The partnership between Free Free and the Department of Justice has opened new horizons in our role as Public Prosecutors. The legal system is evolving, but it remains very formal and traditional for women. Therefore, it is necessary to innovate to support, welcome, and transform victims. Through our partnership with Free Free, we have developed projects and actions focusing on self-esteem and self-awareness, benefiting not only the victims but also the professionals who assist women.”

Dr. Valeria Scarance

How can you support?

You can play a crucial role in empowering women of all ages, races, abilities, sexualities, and ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds, worldwide by joining the FREE FREE movement. Become an official member or join our Leadership Patron Program, available in three tiers: Community, Lead, and Honour Patron. Each offers unique benefits and opportunities to engage deeply with our mission.

Community Patron (Minimum $6K USD/year)

  • Impact: Affects 300 girls/women annually, with an indirect impact on 2,500 people in a specific city/country.
  • Support: Aids local clubs in current country launches, awareness projects, and continuous community care.
  • Recognition: Named in the Hall of Joy, with all membership benefits.
  • Exclusive Access: Invitations to Free Free World club events and an influential business network.
  • Birthday Bonus: Special merchandise as a birthday gift.

Lead Patron (Minimum $12K USD/year)

  • Impact: Supports FREE FREE’s efforts in two countries, enabling workshops and local clubs.
  • Global Influence: Direct impact on 800+ girls/women annually, indirectly affecting 6,000+ globally.
  • Priority Access: First choice for Free Free World Club experiences
  • Gifts: Two limited edition, customized fashion or art gifts annually.

Honour Patron (Minimum $20K USD/year)

  • Impact: Assists in launching FREE FREE in new countries, with workshops and awareness campaigns.
  • Global Reach: Directly influences 1,200+ girls/women’s lives, indirectly affecting 12,000+ people.
  • Strategic Influence: Input on board insights, concepts, and ideas.
  • Recognition: Option for Founding Honour Patron listing and involvement in community project recognitions.
  • Exclusive Access: Complete access to global networking/founders events, and opportunity to suggest or lead projects.

Special Project Director Roles:

  • Sector Representation: Official roles in specialized sectors for directing projects aligned with the organization’s principles and values.

For more details, interested individuals are encouraged to contact: info@freefreeworld.org