Globally, 2 billion individuals menstruate, and a quarter of them face the challenges of period poverty. Period poverty not only hinders the full participation of girls and women in education, work, and social activities but also has signicant environmental repercussions.

In regions lacking adequate period products, the onset of a girl’s menstrual cycle often marks the premature end of her education. Alarming statistics from the United Nations reveal that one in 10 girls in Africa misses school during menstruation, accounting for up to 20% of a school year.

Period poverty, particularly in low-income countries, severely limits girls’ and women’s freedom and opportunities. The inability to access suitable menstrual products restricts educational and professional advancement, perpetuating a cycle of inequality. The United Nations’ estimates underscore the urgency of addressing this issue to ensure that menstruation does not become a barrier to education.

Beyond its impact on individuals, period poverty also poses a threat to the environment. Common plastic-based period products contribute to an estimated 200,000 tonnes of waste annually. In regions with inadequate waste management, the accumulation of discarded period products creates signicant public health hazards, highlighting the need for sustainable alternatives.

Free My Period Initiative

In response to these pressing challenges, the “Free My Period” initiative has emerged as an efficient and sustainable solution. This initiative focuses on designing, producing, and distributing menstrual underwear globally. The goal is to empower girls and women by providing them with a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional period products.

Financial Freedom 

Free My Period aims to help girls and women achieve financial freedom by building a network of women entrepreneurs who create and sell a reusable and durable alternative to disposable menstrual products.

Mental Well-Being 

The initiative recognizes the impact of period poverty on mental health and seeks to alleviate the stress and challenges associated with inadequate menstrual hygiene.

Physical Health 

By promoting the use of menstrual underwear, Free My Period contributes to better physical health outcomes for women while minimizing the environmental impact of traditional products.


The initiative places a strong emphasis on sustainability, addressing both the economic empowerment of women and the reduction of environmental harm caused by disposable period products. As such this model creates a ripple of benefits for the individual, their household, their community and the environment.

To make a meaningful impact, Free My Period invites collaboration, support, and advocacy from individuals, organizations, and governments.

Together, we can break the chains of period poverty, ensuring that every girl and woman can experience true freedom and reach their full potential.

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