Marie Laffont, Batsheva Hay and Yasmine McDougall, CEO/Founder of Free Free, invite you to join them on the 25th of June for a special evening to mark the occasion of Free Free officially launching in NYC. Free Free is a multi-award winning international organisation, recognised by Harvard/United Nations/Forbes etc. that advocates for women's freedom using education, creativity, art and fashion as cathartic tools of consciousness and empowerment. Free Free has directly impacted over 30,000 people with educational programs, 70 million indirectly, and delivered over US$50 million of social change. Free Free is launching an invitation-only global impact community of extraordinary leaders in NYC: the Free Free World Club. As founding members of the NY Club, we truly believe in the power of ART & FASHION to ignite real change. We believe you will deeply resonate with Free Free´s mission so we would love to invite you to be part of this movement and join our debut in New York event at the Fasano to celebrate with us. To RSVP we ask you to register as a member with 1 month free trial to get access to our recently launched platform. This way you will get the chance to explore more about Free Free´s impact, join some of our freedom practices and feel the magic. You will be able to cancel the membership at any time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Become a member of our community of extraordinary creative leaders


Challenge your creative self and join our experiences to spark your inner-freedom


Education and consciousness are the keys of everything we do


Join inspiring leaders who can support your journey and your dreams

Make Impact:

Incubate projects and become a conscious leader through the FREE FREE movement

What Does The Free Free World Club Include?

Heart Opening Experiences

Our events bring together powerful individuals on a journey of expansion.

  • Intimate Dinners: gather around the table with a group of like-minded individuals about a topic that matters
  • Thought-Provoking Salons: listen to inspiring talks from leaders of the FREE FREE movement
  • Creative Sessions: join concerts, art exhibitions, and fashion shows that support FREE FREE
  • Weekend Retreats: escape to dive deeper into what it means to be wildly, wholeheartedly FREE

Access to A Powerful Community

Connection is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Join our community platform where you can ask for advice, share your projects, get recommendations, and seek support 
  • Connect with like-minded women who share your industry and interests in different locations around the world
  • Join Free Free projects in different countries and be part of the impact
  • Become an impact leader by creating your own impact project or experience 


Explore FREEDOM in your life.

  • Weekly Live Freedom Practices with our founder and community
  • Access an introduction of the FREE FREE Methodology®
  • Live teachings and talks with international award-winning guest speakers
  • Impact Leader Forum to get updates of our impact projects and suggest or create your own

Freedom essential tools

  • Free Free Mentorship become a mentor or get mentored by female world leaders
  • Free Free Directory discover amazing professionals that have supported members on their freedom journey 
  • Free Free Library immerse in our curated Free Free resources of amazing books, movies, articles and more
  • Let´s Talk Free Free tell your story & read other women´s stories in an anonymous way to know you are not alone

Event Highlights

FREE FREE Annual Impact Awards

Every year we will celebrate everyone that is committed to make an impact in the world with FREE FREE during an epic awards ceremony:

  • Expanding the community
  • Participating in social projects
  • Creating your own social projects
  • Supporting the creation of unforgettable experiences
  • Contributing to our mission in every way

FREE FREE WORLD CLUB is launching globally 

Membership FAQs

Who is part of the FREE FREE World Club?

FREE FREE World Club having come from all walks of life, and include entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, artists, spiritualists, and change agents in communities around the world. While different roles and backgrounds, we all stand for freedom.

Can I try out an event before subscribing?

You can register for an event if you are a member of our community or have been invited as one of their guests. However, we have a free 30 day cancellation policy, so you can become a member and cancel within this window.

What is the cost of membership?

The standard cost of membership is $33 per month. We also have a leader membership for $220 per month that includes the participation on our leadership commitee and more.  However, many people who have the financial capacity choose to give more and can multiply this amount at checkout by choosing to pay more than one monthly fee. This supports the furthering of the mission and contributes to our scholarship fund and global impact projects.

We are dedicated to make the Free Free World Club accessible to all and we also have a membership for students and people that might need financial support for $11 per month. 

How do tickets to events work?

All members are eligible to buy tickets to events they want to attend. Tickets range from $25 to more or less $200 (formal 3-course dinner) and vary depending on the city, type of events, venue, and guest speaker. Galas, retreats, and special experiences can have different prices. All tickets will be launched via email, platform and WhatsApp through a private link and tickets are available to members on a first come first serve basis.

How will I access the community content?

All members will receive a password that will give them access to the online platform and group calls. All other members’ communication will be done via email and WhatsApp.

What is the cancellation policy?

When you subscribe you are charged $33 for the first month. During this period you can cancel anytime and your membership will resume after 30 days from the day you subscribed. If you don’t cancel, the membership will renew automatically every month.

Are men part of FREE FREE?

The majority of FREE FREE members are women, however we invite men who express interest to join. Events can be attended by everyone unless stated otherwise for gender-specific programs.

For specific events the ticket page will specify as women-only events and for others we will specify menonly events.

Our applications are currently open

Join us around the world to be Free, Make Impact, and Play