From day one, FREE FREE WORLD opens a world of opportunities that span borders, cultures and generations. Your unique experience is customizable to create your own individual impact for your own community, for your business and for your life.

Join FREE FREE WORLD CLUB to be part of the the movement.


Challenge your creative self and join our experiences to spark your inner-freedom, evolve personally and collectively


Education and consciousness are the keys of everything we do. Begin your journey towards freedom and discover the FREE FREE Methodology®


Join an international and global community of creatives and extraordinary leaders both online and in person

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Volunteer or create projects and become a conscious leader with the support of FREE FREE’s experience and network

Your journey towards freedom and impact starts from within.

We support you in all the tools you need to elevate your life, by connecting close to other members in the same geographic area.

You can choose how and when you want to connect. Our local community activities include bespoke learning, social events and shared experiences in the same geographic area.

Free Free in London Dinner

Free Free at Harvard Free Free Summit

Our global network is wide and ever expanding.

Through our monthly activities and programs, both online and offline, you will be able to connect with extraordinary people internationally and explore impact in worldwide communities.

Explore FREEDOM in your life.

  • Access to the FREE FREE Methodology®
  • Live teachings every month with FREE FREE founder, Yasmine McDougall Sterea, board members, team, and guest speakers
  • Group calls and Q&A on the latest FREE FREE projects

As a member of our community you will be able to reach out to a network of extraordinary individuals that will inspire you, support you and share their experience, creating incredible opportunities for expansion in your life on all levels.

You will be invited to join your local Whatsapp Community Group, a space for communications and updates, but also for creating deep trusting relationships providing a confidential resource you can rely on unconditionally for honest insight and perspective.