Our programs are designed to support women to free themselves emotionally, physically, and financially so they can release trauma and live a more prosperous and happy life. For more information about how to join our programs please contact us at info@freefreeworld.org

Undress your wounds

Women’s self esteem and self worth has always been the first area a woman is attacked in a relationship, family, school, college, or workplace. The media, films, magazines, culture, and religion still put most of women’s worth on their body and once a woman doesn’t feel she has value , she is vulnerable to any situation of abuse. Rates of depression among girls and women have doubled, between 2000 and 2010, 65% of women and girls have eating disorders, 17% of teens engage in cutting and self-injurious behavior. Just in the U.S. women spend $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 a year on beauty products and salon services, the average facelift costs $11,429 and this is enough to pay for 5 years at community college, 2 years at a state university, 1 year at university in California. Self objectification has negative consequences including shame, anxiety, and self disgust.

Alongside psychologists Free Free has created a method that includes techniques of Psychodrama, PNL, Meditation, and studies of Jung to create an exclusive methodology with art and fashion. When we talk about painful or abusive situations it is very harsh but when we mix it with art and fashion it becomes cathartic.

“I’m a femicide survivor. I had my ears and nose bitten. I lost everything. Free Free gave me a reason to live again and I recovered my self esteem. Fashion is not just fashion. Fashion is freedom. It can transform your life. I learned to love myself again. And the world will have to love me how I am. “Talita, femicide survivor”

Free Free Cycle

Our educational cycle follows an exclusive methodology created alongside experts around the world where women go through 3 certified stages with a 30 video program to support them on their journey to achieve physical, emotional, and financial freedom.


At this first stage women learn how to regain their self worth and self esteem so they can start moving forward to achieve personal and family prosperity.


At this stage women learn practical ways of taking care of their physical security and health.


At this stage women learn how to have financial autonomy through entrepreneurship skills, marketing, content, and financial education.

“The free free cycle has been wonderful! I managed to kickstart my dream after so many classes and everything I learned. What Free Free teaches works. I will work hard with all these new tools to make my dream come true. Thank you Free Free!” — Cecilia

Free Free club

The Free Free club was designed for teenage girls and young women to learn about self esteem through fashion and art while learning how to take care of themselves by preventing abusive situations they might encounter at school, college, streets, friends, and relationships. This program is set to be launched in 2023 in partnership with schools and colleges.

The program focuses on:

Self Esteem, Body & Media
Myth of the Perfect Woman & Costumes
Women Coming Together
Understanding Abusive
Emotional Health is Freedom
Career, Dreams, and Finance

Free Free multipliers

The Free Free Multipliers is a program designed to train women the basics of our Undress Your Wounds methodology so they can support their local friends and communities. This is a non professional training, but an experience based way of supporting women. When one woman feels empowered to be who she is, and share her story, she has the power to inspire thousands of women to do the same. For more information on how to become a multiplier please contact info@freefreeworld.org