Education is at the base of everything we do and our goal is to impact the lives of as many people as possible through our awards winning F.F. Methodology®

About the Free Free Methodology®

The Free Free Methodology® is a cathartic framework to achieve true inner & world freedom, blending elements of Psychodrama, Neuro-Science, Carl Jung’s archetypes, meditation techniques, and the Women, Peace, Security framework. Developed by McDougall, whose extensive knowledge stems from a lifetime of research, personal experience, and academic study at Harvard, this methodology emphasizes the importance of authenticity and connection.

At its core, the Free Free Methodology® challenges the myth of perfection and the normalization of violence in society. It recognizes that abuse and inequality, prevalent across all societies, represses the authentic self and leads to layers of unconscious trauma. By addressing these societal issues, the methodology aims to support individuals in living with more health, prosperity, and joy, free from the constraints of imposed narratives.

Art, encompassing music, dance, fashion, and other forms, is utilized as a vital tool for self-expression and healing. These safe spaces allow participants to address their wounds and progressively heal their trauma. The methodology fosters a compassionate perspective, encouraging attentive listening and the creation of a secure environment where deep-seated memories can safely surface and transform.

The methodology is not a doctrine, but a supportive path that enables individuals to embark on a personal journey towards freedom. It emphasizes emotional and financial independence, collaboration over competition, and transforming personal traumas into catalysts for positive change. Through this journey, participants uncover their true selves, unshackled from societal expectations, and are empowered to become leaders who can make a positive impact in their communities. Transforming Trauma into Mission. 

How is the Free Free Methodology® implemented?

Who is the Free Free Methodology® for?

We deliver the Free Free Methodology® to Companies, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Public Institutions, Vulnerable Communities.

“I’m a  survivor. I lost everything because of abuse. I lost everything. Free Free gave me a reason to live again and I recovered my self-esteem. Fashion is not just fashion. Fashion is freedom. It can transform your life. I learned to love myself again. And the world will have to love me as I am. 

“ It’s about the autonomy and the strength of all women, it’s a revolution from inside fashion.”

The work that Yasmine has been doing through Free Free is already remarkable. Keep an eye out for the future, because she is a force of nature!

“Initiatives that are so beautiful that warms your heart and soul. A big hurrah to the strong women that is the CEO of Free Free who has the mission of helping women to start over.”


“Since the first time I heard about Free Free, I wrote a song that hopefully will come out someday. It’s about the power this organization has. The power that women have when they come together. It’s historical.”

Our programs are exclusively designed with the aim of bringing awareness and stimulating change to support individuals in all societies.

About the Free Free Methodology®

Freedom means letting go of the myth of perfection and reconnecting with the true self while having physical, emotional, and financial needs respected.

Freedom is when someone’s need for connection and authenticity is achieved without the presence of violence.

Violence is a constant in all societies, from vulnerable communities to the most developed nations. The normalization of violence is one of the main factors that lead people to repress their authentic selves and cause deep layers of unconscious trauma.

By addressing the presence of violence in our society we support all humans to be authentically free, living with more health, prosperity and joy.

Art (music, dance, fashion – any form of art) can represent a safe space of self expression in which people can address their wounds and progressively heal their trauma.

Yasmine´s deep knowledge of all forms of art, backed with a lifetime of research, personal experience, and her Harvard studies merged to create the Free Free Methodology®. This complex framework is composed of a comprehensive mix of key aspects of Psicodrama, NPL (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the archetypes of Carl Jung, combined meditation techniques, and the WPS (Women, Peace, Security) framework.

The approach advocates for a compassionate perspective, attentive listening, and the creation of a secure environment where deep and hidden memories feel safe to come to light and transform without criticism.

It is not a doctrine that is forced upon anyone, but rather a supportive path that enables individuals to embark on a personal journey towards true freedom.

Who is the Free Free Methodology® for?

We deliver the Free Free Methodology® by adapting it to different audiences and organizations in forms of workshops, 9-week programs, deep dives and retreats, and clubs.

1. Companies

Companies hold a significant position in shaping society and culture through their products and campaigns, but also through the culture they instill into their employees and stakeholders. At Free Free, we harness this influence by creating corporate partnership with key players partnering with companies to cultivate an ecosystem of impactful leadership using our unique methodology. This ecosystem is designed to transform companies into catalysts for positive change, both within their organizations and in the wider community.

What Our Ecosystem Offers:

  • Leadership and Employees Trainings: Tailored programs to enhance the skills and awareness of company leaders, preparing them to drive positive change.
  • Free Free Club for Employees: Implementing in-house clubs to nurture a culture of growth, empathy, and engagement among employees.
  • Impact-Driven Campaigns and Content Development: Collaborating to create campaigns and content that resonate with core values and amplify positive societal impact.
  • Access to Join Our Global Network: Becoming part of an international network of visionary leaders committed to making a difference.
  • Awareness Projects and Initiatives: Developing projects that raise awareness and promote proactive engagement in key societal issues.

By joining forces with Free Free, companies can step into a role of meaningful leadership, contributing significantly to a more conscious and connected world.

2. Universities

We work with universities by developing the Free Free University Club, a cornerstone initiative of Free Free, designed to foster holistic personal and leadership development in young adults. Our program is dedicated to nurturing self-aware and confident leaders who are equipped to make meaningful contributions to society while being part of our worldwide community.

Program Focus Areas:

  • Self-Esteem, Body & Media: Promoting a healthy self-image and critical awareness of media influences.
  • Myth of the Perfection: Deconstructing unrealistic societal expectations and exploring self-expression through attire.
  • Women Coming Together: Encouraging unity and collaboration among women for collective empowerment.
  • Understanding Abusive Relationships: Recognizing and addressing the dynamics of abusive situations for safer, healthier relationships.
  • Emotional Health is Freedom: Emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being as a key to personal freedom.
  • Career, Dreams, and Finance: Guiding students in pursuing their ambitions and achieving financial independence.

Empowerment through Action:

The program is not just about theoretical learning; it’s about real-world application. Students will engage in various projects and activities that bring these focus areas to life, culminating in a final project that extends their impact to their communities and beyond.

Become a Change-Maker:

Start a Free Free Club at your university and join a movement of young leaders committed to creating a better world.

3. Schools

In a world constantly reshaped by social media, AI, and globalization, young people face unique challenges that can impact their self-worth and leadership potential. The Free Free Club for Schools Program is specifically designed to address these challenges, fostering a generation of conscious, confident leaders.

What We Offer:

  • Building Self-Esteem and Confidence: Our program emphasizes the importance of self-esteem and self-confidence, helping students recognize and value their unique strengths and abilities.
  • Emotional Health Awareness: We guide students to be mindful of their emotional well-being, equipping them with tools to navigate the complexities of their emotions constructively.
  • Safe Environment Creation: Students learn to identify and counteract unsafe or harmful situations such as bullying and unhealthy competition, creating a safer, more inclusive school environment.
  • Voice and Community Contribution: We empower students to use their voices effectively and contribute positively to their communities, essential skills for successful leadership.
  • Creative and Innovative Learning: Utilizing fashion, art, music, and innovative activities, we teach practical leadership tools in engaging, memorable ways.

Join the Movement:

Bring the transformative experience of the Free Free Club to your school. Enroll now and be part of shaping a new generation of leaders who are ready to make a positive impact in the world.

4. Parents

At Free Free we recognize the pivotal role parents play in nurturing their children’s path to self-discovery and leadership. To support this critical journey, we offer the Free Free Club for Parents. This program is specially designed to heighten parents’ understanding and awareness of their children’s experiences and challenges.

In the Free Free Club for Parents, participants will:

  • Gain insights into the emotional and developmental processes their children are navigating.
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to effectively support their child’s journey towards self-actualization and leadership.
  • Understand the importance of being an active and empathetic participant in their child’s growth.

Join us in this enlightening program and embrace the role of a true leader in your child’s life, guiding them to become the fullest expression of who they are meant to be.

5. authorities and public institutions

At Free Free , we recognize the vital role authorities play in maintaining a safe and just society. We collaborate with key entities like the Department of Justice and security agencies to integrate our methodologies into public service practices. These partnerships empower professionals on the ground to serve with empathy and effectiveness, advocating for a world where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Our joint efforts with these authorities are crucial in our mission to create a compassionate, equitable society for all.

6. Practitioners and medical institutions

At Free Free we amplify our reach by equipping practitioners with our innovative Free Free Methodology®. Nurses, midwives, doulas, coaches, teachers, and spiritualists often interact closely with individuals facing challenging times. By integrating the Free Free Methodology® into their skill set, these practitioners gain a robust framework to not only enhance their own resilience but also provide effective support to those in need. This approach empowers them to be pillars of strength and guidance, leveraging our methodology to foster healing and growth in their communities.