How can you support?

You can play a crucial role in empowering girls and women worldwide by joining the FREE FREE movement. Become an official member or join our Leadership Patron Program, available in three tiers: Community, Lead, and Honour Patron. Each offers unique benefits and opportunities to engage deeply with our mission.

Community Patron (Minimum $6K USD/year)

  • Impact: Affects 300 girls/women annually, with an indirect impact on 2,500 people in a specific city/country.
  • Support: Aids local clubs in current country launches, awareness projects, and continuous community care.
  • Recognition: Named in the Hall of Joy, with all membership benefits.
  • Exclusive Access: Invitations to Free Free World club events and an influential business network.
  • Birthday Bonus: Special merchandise as a birthday gift.

Lead Patron (Minimum $12K USD/year)

  • Impact: Supports FREE FREE’s efforts in two countries, enabling workshops and local clubs.
  • Global Influence: Direct impact on 800+ girls/women annually, indirectly affecting 6,000+ globally.
  • Priority Access: First choice for Free Free World Club experiences
  • Gifts: Two limited edition, customized fashion or art gifts annually.

Honour Patron (Minimum $20K USD/year)

  • Impact: Assists in launching FREE FREE in new countries, with workshops and awareness campaigns.
  • Global Reach: Directly influences 1,200+ girls/women’s lives, indirectly affecting 12,000+ people.
  • Strategic Influence: Input on board insights, concepts, and ideas.
  • Recognition: Option for Founding Honour Patron listing and involvement in community project recognitions.
  • Exclusive Access: Complete access to global networking/founders events, and opportunity to suggest or lead projects.

Special Project Director Roles:

  • Sector Representation: Official roles in specialized sectors for directing projects aligned with the organization’s principles and values.

For more details, interested individuals are encouraged to contact:

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