One of the biggest problems we face today is that women and men don’t fully understand what an abusive situation is. Without understanding if you are experiencing or inflicting abuse, how can something be transformed? The only way to change is by creating awareness through art, fashion, music.

Our awareness projects have reached over 50 million people.

Here are some of the projects we have made until today.

Free Free Festival

Annual festival with talks, music, performances, fashion for our community to get together, discuss problems, and solutions while having fun.

Free Free Fashion Collabs

Fashion is part of our DNA and with this in mind we love doing fashion collaborations. Free Free women love wearing the change they want to see in the world. Our collaborations help us reach women that are still afraid of looking into the abuses they might be experiencing in their lives. When you wear the change, you also say to the world: This is who I am and what I believe.

Free Free Fashion show

Fashion dictates so much of society’s behavior. It has influenced women through centuries creating both magic and dreams, but also setting the expectation of becoming an unattainable perfection. We created a Fashion Show where all women are valued for who they are.

Free Free summit

Annual summit with leaders to discuss solutions, share experiences, and learn with each other.

Free Free Publication: COLORIDO

Annual publication with women from all areas such as tech, politics, entrepreneurs, CEOS, activists, artists, writers coming together to share perspectives and use their voice through art.

Free Free Educational
Platform & Content

With the pandemic and the need to stay close to our community, Free Free started creating educational content for social media, newsletters, and much more to help generate awareness and change. Today our social media reaches 2 million people per month.

Awareness campaigns

Our awareness campaigns work on urgent matters of discussion to generate awareness and dialogue

Free Free NFT

Free Free NFT has the mission of promoting women and girls emotional, physical and financial freedom. That’s because no girl or woman deserves to live in a world of abuse. We believe in the power of community to create this possible, real and exponential change.

Fashion and art are the portal for an emotional and spiritual catharsis. We are creators, artists and inventors who love innovating and believe in freedom. The NFT world is about freedom. With our NFT, we want to be able to make change in the real world while creating a new reality for women and girls in the metaverse.