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It will take around 15 minutes to apply, and we’ll ask you for a recent photo, plus a short description about yourself, so it’s a good idea to have these ready. The price for the membership is 33£/month or 333£/year. Payment will only be taken when your membership is accepted. You can cancel anytime. 30-day free cancellation applies.


Thank you for your interest in joining Free Free World. You’re now just one step away from becoming an official member. To complete your application, please answer the questions below. Our board will review your application, and you’ll receive our decision within 36 hours.

FREE FREE WORLD is our exclusive membership program. It offers the chance to join a community of exceptional leaders, attend empowering monthly events, and participate in or initiate impact projects, all with our guidance, expertise, and network.

The application process takes about 10 minutes. We require a recent photo and a brief personal description, so please have these prepared.

Memberships that are not approved will be refunded. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time, and a 30-day free cancellation policy is in place.

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FREE FREE WORLD is meant to be a safe and welcoming environment, we ask all our members, their guests and our teams to respect our standards of behaviour.

Kindness and inclusion

We welcome and celebrate diversity, far from judgments on gender, race, religion, sexuality or physicality.

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that racist, sexist, homophobic or any form of abusive language is not tolerated.

Respect and boundaries

We aim for our community to be a space in which personal boundaries are met and in which everyone feels respected and equally valued.


Our community is a safe space for feeling heard, understood, supported and vulnerable. We require privacy and confidentiality among all members.

Openness and support

This community is built in order to come together and reunite to support one another on our journey of expansion. We aim on bringing collective growth and evolution and cooperation among all members is a fundamental value.

By accepting our terms you commit to our values.

We will make sure that everyone has a positive experience.

In case of any unpleasant incident, we kindly require you to promptly inform us.

By committing to this you help us ensure a flourishing and healthy community.

Membership FAQs

Who is part of FREE FREE WORLD?

FREE FREE WORLD’s members come from all walks of life, and include entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, artists, spiritualists, and change agents in various communities around the world. While may be having different roles in life, goals and cultural backgrounds, we all stand for freedom.

Can I try out an event before subscribing?

You can register for an event if you are a member of our community or have been invited as one of their guests. Being a guest of one of our members you will not need to wait for approval of your application, but you will be asked to subscribe for a monthly membership in order to access the event. During this month it will be a trial period and at the end of the 30-day period you will have a free 30- day cancellation policy, so you can become a member and cancel within this window with no charge.

At the end of the trial period we will reserve the right to confirm or end your application.

What is the cost of subscription

The standard cost of subscription is $33 per month. However, many people who have the financial capacity choose to give more and can multiply this amount at checkout by choosing to pay more than one monthly fee. This supports the furthering of the mission and contributes to our scholarship fund for student grants.

How do tickets to events and programs work?

All members and their guests are eligible to buy tickets to events they want to attend. Tickets range from $25 to more or less $200 (formal 3-course dinner) or different amounts for the various activities depending on the city, type of events, venue, and guest speaker. Galas, retreats, and special experiences can have different prices. All tickets will be launched via email and WhatsApp through a private link and tickets are available to members on a first come first serve basis.

How will I access the community content?

All members will receive a password that will give them access to the online platform and group calls. All other members’ communication will be done via email and WhatsApp.

What is the cancellation policy?

When you subscribe you are charged $33 for the first month. During this period you can cancel anytime and your membership will resume after 30 days from the day you subscribed. If you don’t cancel, the membership will renew automatically every month.

If you choose to cancel within the 30-day period a full refund will be issued on your credit card.

Are men part of FREE FREE?

The majority of FREE FREE community are women, however we invite men who express interest to join. Events can be attended by everyone unless stated otherwise for gender-specific programs.

For specific events the ticket page will specify as women-only events and for others we will specify men-only events.